Central Co-op completes rollout of electronic shelf edge labels

Posted by lauryn mellor | Published: 21/03/2024

Ethical retailer, Central Co-op, is thrilled to announce the successful rollout of electronic shelf edge labels (ESELs) in 260 stores. In line with its commitment to delivering exceptional service, this innovative technology marks a significant advancement in the retail industry - streamlining operations, enhancing customer experience and driving sustainable practices.

The transition from traditional paper labels to ESELs was motivated by a desire to address challenges associated with manual labelling processes. The previous method required extensive manpower, was prone to errors and was time-sensitive, often leading to operational disruptions. In contrast, ESELs are now offering numerous benefits:

Reduced labour and errors: ESELs automate labelling processes, freeing up valuable time for store colleagues to focus on customer service and other tasks

Seamless updates: Changes to prices and promotions can be made centrally from Central Co-op’s Support Centre in Lichfield, and reflected across all stores within minutes, eliminating the need for manual intervention

Enhanced customer experience: ESELs provide clear and accurate product information, including allergens and country of origin, improving transparency for shoppers

Sustainability: The adoption of ESELs reduces paper and printing costs, minimises energy usage and promotes environmental responsibility.

One of the remarkable features of Central Co-op's electronic shelf edge labels is their sustainability and longevity. The ESELs are battery powered and are designed to last for about 10 years, thanks to their energy-efficient design. These labels only consume power during changes, ensuring minimal energy usage during regular display operations.

Central Co-op embarked on a comprehensive rollout plan, beginning with a trial phase in July 2023 and completing full implementation in 260 stores in early 2024. The project team, comprised of individuals with extensive shop-floor retail experience, ensured a smooth transition and optimised functionality to meet store requirements.

David Williamson, Project Manager at Central Co-op, comments: “We are thrilled to have been able to introduce electronic shelf edge labels across all our stores, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. This transformative technology not only streamlines operations but also reinforces our dedication to sustainability and excellence in retail.”

For further information on Central Co-op’s initiatives, head to the centralcoop.co.uk/ or visit Central Co-op’s social media channels. Details on becoming a Member can be found at membership.centralengland.coop/.


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