Central Co-op Stapleford champions community well-being through Multiply Workshops Project

Posted by lauryn mellor | Published: 06/02/2024

Central Co-op's Stapleford store, found on Hickings Lane in Nottingham, has emerged as a key supporter of the Multiply Workshops Project - a local initiative aimed at building confidence in numerical skills within the Broxtowe community.

The Multiply Workshops Project has been making a positive impact in the Broxtowe area by providing participants with the tools and confidence needed to handle numbers effectively.

Demonstrating an exceptional commitment to community well-being, Central Co-op Stapleford has been providing high-quality food bags filled with everyday essentials.

The food bags serve as a valuable incentive for participants attending Multiply Workshops, creating a tangible connection between the local Co-operative Society and the community's learning journey.

Mass Khan, Community Engagement Manager at Futures for Business, a not-for-profit social enterprise owned jointly by Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council, commented: "The Central Co-op food bags have been really well received as incentives in the Multiply Workshops. Depending on the theme of the class, be it a Community Multiply Workshop, focused on gaining confidence in money management, or a Parent Multiply Workshop, designed to build confidence in supporting children with their homework, participants have the chance to win essential food bags as part of our ‘Price is Right’ competitions.

"The generosity of Central Co-op Stapleford has not only added a practical and valuable element to the workshops but has also fostered a sense of community support. Participants are not only gaining confidence in numerical skills but also experiencing the direct impact of local businesses contributing to their well-being. Thanks to the support from the team at Stapleford, word has got around and we have since worked with television personality, Saira Khan, and professional motor racing driver, Tom Wood, who have donated generous gifts for us to use as prizes. "

Participants and workshop attendees have expressed their gratitude for the thoughtful partnership between Multiply Workshops and Central Co-op Stapleford. The provision of food bags has been highlighted as a motivating factor, encouraging active participation in the workshops and creating a positive ripple effect in the community.

The Stapleford store, under the leadership of Store Manager, John Hough, and Team Leader, Kerry Frost, has proven to be an invaluable partner in the Multiply Workshops Project. This collaborative effort showcases the positive impact that businesses and community initiatives can achieve when working together towards a common goal.

John Hough, Store Manager at Stapleford, comments: “It is an honour to support the Multiply Project as it’s clear to see they’re making a difference within the community. The free numeracy workshops support a range of different people in the local area with managing costs, boosting confidence in maths and even kids' homework. It is fantastic to hear the great feedback from those that attend.”

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