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Posted by lauryn mellor | Published: 24/06/2024

Central Co-op is proud to have participated in Corby Pride 2024, reinforcing its commitment to fostering an inclusive and diverse community in Cambridgeshire, with its message: “everyone is welcome here”. This year for Pride, the Society’s focus is on ensuring that everyone feels safe to be themselves, with particular attention to the health and wellbeing of the LGBTQIA+ community, who often face unequal access to necessary support.

Central Co-op has embarked on a partnership with Oxfam to raise awareness and funds for LGBTQIA+ communities globally. The ethical retailer is thrilled to host Oxfam 'PRIDE' products, with exclusive items, including pride keyrings, travel cups and fabulous fans available at its Corby store in support of Pride.

A portion of the sales from these products will be donated to Oxfam's LGBTQIA+ charities, providing essential support in regions such as Ukraine, Kenya and Lebanon. Members and customers can learn more about the impact of their purchases at

Guided by Oxfam, Central Co-op is committed to developing educational content to better inform its colleagues, Members and customers about LGBTQIA+ issues. This initiative is part of the Society’s broader effort to cultivate understanding and solidarity within its communities.

Earlier this year, Central Co-op launched five inclusion networks for its colleagues, including an LGBTQIA+ network. These colleague-led groups create safe spaces for sharing experiences, driving engagement and challenging the status quo to ensure continuous progress towards a more inclusive workplace. Central Co-op’s LGBTQIA+ network exemplifies its dedication to creating a Society where everyone can freely express their authentic selves.

Andy Peake, Chief Commercial Officer at Central Co-op, and Executive Sponsor of the LGBTQIA+ inclusion network, emphasises the importance of this initiative: "It's essential that everyone feels they belong, that we're united, and that every individual is valued, seen and heard. True inclusion means people can be themselves and express who they are without fear. I've witnessed how crucial it is for individuals to feel accepted within their communities, and while society has made progress, there's still much work to be done. It's vital that our colleagues feel safe at work, able to be their authentic selves without fear of discrimination. At Central Co-op, everyone is welcome.

“We invite everyone to join Central Co-op in celebrating diversity and promoting inclusivity. By supporting our initiatives and participating in events like Corby Pride, we can make a significant impact and ensure that everyone feels safe, valued and free to be themselves.”

For more information on Central Co-op’s initiatives, visit or find out more on socials. Details on becoming a Member can be found on

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